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Bear Grylls

Digital Strategy. UI/UX Design & Development

Starting point.

Following an extensive rebranding project we were asked to translate the brand values of inspire, educate and equip into a digital strategy. However, with a number of different business operations under the Bear Grylls name, our recommendation was to pull these together as a family under one digital umbrella. This would help the business have greater scope for growth, build trust and confidence in the brand, give a common point of contact through a digital ‘hub’ and be more attractive to followers and fans. To achieve this we also proposed an extensive social and content marketing strategy to support the launch of the website – really driving traffic, incentivising visitor sign up and creating an authentic buzz of brand advocacy.

Awards & Recognition.

Appealing to a wide demographic.

With a huge demographic ranging from 16 to 55 and over 7 million followers worldwide, the digital strategy would have to appeal to all in an engaging and immersive manner. The website had to be as inclusive and universal as possible, simple to use and intuitive whilst conveying a sense of adventure and fun.

Indeed to live up to the new brand vision and values and embody the ‘adventure brand’ we needed to take people on a journey online. Making the user experience as rich and dynamic as possible through state of the art interactive functionality, thought provoking imagery and emotive narrative.

Here was an opportunity to really take the visitor on an amazing, unique experience: literally an outdoor adventure brought to life online. Truly emotionalising the experience of the individual through the theatre of outdoor adventure with Bear acting as the guide to the consumer’s journey.

More than the brand.

But Bear Grylls the brand is more than the man; we had to take into account the different stakeholders and partners involved. So in a workshop session with the Bear Grylls team we mapped out the user experience from start to finish, identifying every point along their journey of how a visitor finds information about the Bear Grylls brand. This then was married onto the brand values of inspire, educate and equip. This aligned the digital strategy with that of the business, it also set the style for the new website as an immersive experience, one where each and every website visitor can be engaged and play a part by sharing their own experiences and even signing up to Bear Grylls courses and training.

Life of adventure.

Whilst known for his popular TV series such as Running Wild and The Island, we wanted to educate the fans and followers of Bear's life in an informative and engaging way. To do this we created an extensive timeline of exciting information to feed his fan's appetite on all his different life adventures.

Designed for the user, fully optimised, scalable.

The digital platform needed to embody smart phone, desktop and tablet operation with the user having the same experience irrespective of device. The site is also totally scalable for future developments and brand growth and extension.

Building an engaged community and fan base.

We devised the supporting campaign called #TheAdventurers to connect all those who love all-out action and extraordinary exploits – inviting them to celebrate their achievements with the Bear Grylls brand by posting user generated content to the social wall within the website. Through this the brand is building a community of like-minded individuals, truly engaged who feel part of the Bear Grylls experience by sharing their stories across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is already creating positive noise and raising interest before the site begins to organically gain momentum.

Adventure awaits....

Stay tuned for the full #TheAdventurers social case study coming soon.