Discovery Land Company

UI, UX, Design, Development

Starting point.

Discovery Land Company specializes in building luxury residential private club communities and resorts throughout the world. We were commissioned to create an immersive, emotive and highly engaging user experience that showcases its international portfolio. Along with communicating the group’s work and capabilities, the site had to act as a portal to all 23 properties while ensuring a seamless brand experience.

Awards & Recognition.

Discovery your world.

In order to resonate with the target audience, we wanted to feature memorable moments in an exciting user experience while conveying the many different communities Discovery has to offer. To do this, we came up with the theme of “Discover your world,” which ran through the entire creative process. These “worlds” would be the places where you and those most important to you are truly at home, at peace and one with your natural surroundings.

We categorized these worlds based on their locations: coastal, desert, mountain and country. We then created individual video reels that capture the essence of each of these worlds on the homepage, letting users explore with a compass “fancy” cursor. By editing these videos into short ‘storytelling’ pieces and appropriately used within the customer journey we feel this will not only accurately communicate the brand proposition but also the emotive contention with the consumer.

Exploring new worlds.

Along with integrating video throughout the site, we wanted to create a sense of exploration and discovery with interactions that would essentially transport the user to these amazing sanctuaries across the world. We also didn’t want to be too prescriptive and overcomplicate the design; we wanted the user to explore the site and find things themselves. With this in mind, we created the fancy cursor to be like a compass that could be used throughout the site. An interactive slider in WebGL that users can select seamlessly transitions into the scene, giving the impression that users are being pulled into the screen and transported to that location.

Fully responsive, entirely immersive

As more than 66 percent of traffic came from mobile devices, it was a key objective and a big challenge to ensure we carried the same immersive experience across all platforms without losing much in the way of performance. The biggest challenge was incorporating the large amount of assets and still ensuring a smooth, seamless experience. Even from the initial concept stage, we knew we wanted to use video to capture the essence and emotion of what Discovery offers its clients. To do this, we had to employ various hosting, loading and optimization techniques to ensure a seamless experience across all platforms. Regarding the immersive interactions we adapted the design based on the device - this included utilizing the native search systems, swipe features to replace clicks and a mobile specific navigation system