My Life My Style Campaign


Brand strategy. Pan-European campaign planning. Photography direction. Integrated creative. Social.

The Results

Throughout the whole sales process, things are looking up. So, across Europe, website visits are up 22% across the board. The campaign landing page is delivering 120% more sales leads. And more customers are doing their own homework, finding out where they can see Luxaflex® products for themselves, with 7% more dealer locator checks. The campaign is also spreading even further afield with Luxaflex® Australia buying into the concept.

Starting point.

Luxaflex® shades are hand-made. They are beautifully designed. Their fabrics are sumptuous. What they aren’t is cheap. So there was a gap between consumer perception and the exceptional product itself. What was needed was a clear and compelling story which highlighted the pedigree of Luxaflex® shades and justified the cost as a price well-worth paying. This story also had to translate seamlessly across separate European markets, providing a consistent image.

Taking the brand further.

We set about repositioning Luxaflex® as very much a premium brand. Everything was taken up a notch. The photography, the styling, the models, the way we talked about the products, the language we used, the brand ambassadors we appointed…it all said ‘the best’. And said it in seven different languages which resonated across six separate territories (UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and The Netherlands).

The outcome.

“I’ve never had so much positive feedback internally about a campaign. And it’s helped deliver our highest monthly total of sales ever.”

— Ronald Blok, European Marketing Douglas, Hunter Douglas BV.