Mākena Golf & Beach Club

UI, UX, Design, Development

Starting point.

Mākena Golf and Beach Club is part of the Discovery Land Company group of communities that specializes in building luxury residential private club communities and resorts throughout the world. As part of the ongoing digital roll-out we were tasked to create an immersive website that communicates the natural heritage and beauty of the pacific hideaway while reflecting the high-end, exclusive nature of the community and it’s benefits to potential customers.

Awards & Recognition.


Uniquely peaceful, beautifully restful.

Mākena is a picturesque golf and beach community nestled on Maui’s southern shore, boasting breath-taking ocean views, stunning mountain landscapes and immaculate crescent-shaped sandy beaches.

Following profiling workshops to better understand the relationship the customers have with the individual communities, along with ongoing qualitative and quantitative research helped inform our strategy. Based on this insight we identified potential opportunities to help better communicate the unique properties of the site along with improving the customer experience and performance.

The strategy.

We created an entirely new design system that would take cues from the parent brand while being flexible enough to allow for the different identities for each site. This flexibility meant the brand could easily evolve as new sites came online.

From a development perspective, the site would be based upon pre-designed modules that could be easily updated using the sites own design language while retaining the structure and maintaining a visual connection to the corporate brand. This meant while the sites were based upon a modular format it still left room for the design and overall experience to be crafted per site which was a key project objective.

Delivering flexibility and personality
through design modules.

Along with updating the design system we also implemented and deployed a new technology framework for all future sites. Working with the Discovery IT team and chosen partners, this new framework allowed for a more agile and scalable workflow while improving overall performance. Craft CMS was chosen as the back-end system and allowed greater flexibility for the client when it came to maintenance it also gave them greater design autonomy, allowing them to easily interchange modules and effectively build their own pages as the sites and communities evolved.

Sustainability and heritage

With Mākena one of the main objectives was to ensure we focus on the heritage and conservation of the island with special attention on the sustainability initiatives that the community supports. To educate prospective customers about the rich heritage and philanthropic activities that were going on we created an interactive timeline that tracks the origins of settlers on the island from the early1800s right through to today. This meant users could immerse themselves in the stories and local practices that makes the community so unique.

Taking users on a journey.

Following on from the “Discover your world’ theme we created for the corporate brand we wanted this to guide the creative direction for all the communities. From the colours and textures to typography and imagery we wanted the overall experience to be as immersive as possible evoking the characteristics of the location and the lifestyle it offers.