Advertising Campaign

La Famiglia Rana

Art Direction. Photography. Creative. Digital

The Results

The campaign was rolled out across the UK in digital and print and Rana saw a 20% increase in sales over the campaign period.

Starting point.

The Rana brand started in 1962 when Giovanni Rana started to make ‘grandmother-quality’ tortellini and deliver it on his beloved Moto Guzzi bike. Fast forward to today and Rana tortellini pasta is sold in 38 countries across the globe, it was even voted as Italy’s favourite pasta now you can’t get more authentic than that!

Due to an increasingly competitive environment from supermarket own-brand pasta the Rana brand had never found a foot hold in the UK market. So, the challenge was to develop a new strategic and creative direction that would differentiate it from the competition and elevate its food credentials - convincing consumers that Rana was the only tortellini.

Taking the brand further.

We were approached to create an engaging campaign that elevated the tortellini above own brand products and create an emotive and relevant story to capture the audience’s attention. Along with increasing brand awareness throughout the UK market a secondary objective was to grab the attention of the main supermarkets. With that in mind we were responsible for creating the campaign and rolling it out across the UK.

Working within their current design language and collaborating with COW PR and Villager Films we went about creating a fully integrated campaign that would work across all channels and bring the brand to life.

Moments made for sharing.

The brief was simple; showcase beautiful plates of Rana pasta and communicate the emotions and personalities of the people enjoying it.

The campaign focused on ‘moments’, simple everyday scenes that everyone could relate to. From an intimate meal with your partner sharing the day’s stories to catching up with friends, we wanted to associate Rana with everyday moments shared around a plate of pasta. This concept also tied in nicely with the brand statement which is ‘Live life generously’.

After the concepts were signed off we set out location scouting and casting. We were conscious that the imagery had to tonally capture the warmth of the family focused brand, be aspirational but accessible and emotive yet product focused.

The campaign was rolled out across London and Manchester and the tactical communications included; 48 sheets, 16 sheets, 6 sheets and a suite of digital adverts.