Compass issue 15 - Aviation Gin, Banksy, Deliveroo and more

12 December 2019

Industry Insights

Peloton’s loss is Aviation Gin’s gain

Two weeks ago, Peloton bikes went viral for all the wrong reasons, with a Christmas ad showing a young, in-shape woman vlogging her fitness journey after being gifted a Peloton bike by her husband.

Criticism spread like wildfire across Twitter as soon as the ad aired, with many unhappy at how Peloton had portrayed unhealthy expectations of body image and marriage.

Within the space of two weeks, Aviation Gin managed to cast the same actor from the Peloton ad in a sequel that tells the story of how she’s feeling now.

Spoiler: she’s downing Aviation Gin with her two mates, sitting in a bar - with a visibly absent wedding ring - drained by the aftermath of Peloton’s ad.

Aside from the concept and delivery of the ad, our favourite part is Aviation Gin’s speed to respond, with only 15 days lapse time between Peloton’s ad airing. As a result, the brand has captured new audiences and reaffirmed their finger is always on the pulse when it comes to their marketing.

Deliveroo unveils its first Christmas ad

‘Deliveroo’ and ‘midwifery’ - two words you don’t expect to use in the same sentence I know. But this week, Deliveroo went live with a social media spot that positions them as the “second-best delivery service in the UK” behind midwives.

The campaign marks Deliveroo’s first-ever Christmas ad, and features a day in the life of a real-life midwife, Katy.

Using the hashtag #ForTheMidwives, Deliveroo has pledged to donate to University College London Hospitals each time a food delivery is made throughout December, with the aim of raising at least £100,000.

Have a Banksy Christmas

On Monday, Banksy unveiled a new piece of art via his Instagram, making a powerful statement about homelessness at Christmas.

The mural depicts two reindeers, traditionally seen as a symbol of Christmas and associated with Santa, set to fly away. Taking with them a bench instead of Santa’s sleigh to the tune of “I’ll be home for Christmas”.

Burger King Whopper on the side of a bus

When brands attempt to play in the world of politics to gain fame, it’s a risky line to walk, but one which has certainly paid off for Burger King who went viral with a provocative bus wrap reading, “Another Whopper on the side of a bus. Must be an election”.