Future Fit conference

29 March 2018

Industry Insights

In March we headed to the Future Fit sports marketing conference in London hosted by Campaign magazine and We Are Social.

The morning was filled with speakers from people working at brands that have been heavily involved with sport. Key speakers included Jennie Price from Sport England and the brains behind ‘This Girl Can’ who talked about the power of campaigns and the importance of commercial relationships in bringing campaigns to life.

Gareth Leeding, Creative Director from We Are Social took the stage with Stephen Cleary, Social Media Manager for Adidas Football where they talked about the use of influencers and micro-influencers in campaigns. They interestingly spoke about how the use of lots of micro influencers with high engagement was equally as beneficial as one influencer with a huge following. They went on to talk about the Adidas campaign called ‘Tango Squad’, an ambassador campaign that targeted young footballers, offering them exclusive content and events. Check out the campaign - it’s awesome!

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Another interesting talk came from Sophie Radcliffe, adventurer and social influencer. Very fitting following our work with Bear Grylls! She talked all about how she quit her job to become the influencer she is today. She talked about how her brand partnerships have helped her grow her following and how they’ve helped her achieve what she has today.

“Brands need to look for people who are activating a community. It doesn’t mean you need a big audience. It is more powerful than just being good at your sport,” she said

She explains: “Adventure is still primarily a white, middle class schoolboy world. But I have helped to make it something that everyone has access to. When I started out it was all about the bearded male, but the fact is anyone can have an adventure, you don’t have to quit your job.”

“It is a completely different world. I started doing these things years before social and digital exploded. Sometimes it can take the experience away from me and i have to do something just for me,” she says. However, she counters “my life and my job would not be possible without digital.”