Adventure awaits

04 September 2017


Bear Grylls has a huge social media following and a massive global audience waiting to hear his latest news. However, the flow of information is very much one-way…. outwards. So, although Bear’s fans’ appetite for information is generously covered, there is not so much in the way of community engagement. We wanted to change that…

Not everyone can be Bear Grylls, but everyone can show the courage and commitment to go further than they did the day before. Everyone has it in them to be an Adventurer and we want to remind everyone of that.

So, we launched an exciting global social media campaign to support the new Bear Grylls website we deployed earlier in August.

Welcome #TheAdventurers. These are the restless few who fearlessly tackle whatever’s in front of them… having courage to face the tough and avoiding the easy route. Testing their true character and empowering each other.

We devised this social campaign to connect all those who love all things adventure. Whether it’s telling tales around a crackling campfire, cycling through the hills or overcoming an everyday obstacle, we’re inviting people to celebrate their achievements with the Bear Grylls brand. Our vision was to build a community of these like-minded individuals and involve them in the Bear Grylls experience by sharing their own stories across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. By sharing their stories to social media with the hashtag #TheAdventurers the content is pulled through to the social wall on the website for everyone to see and celebrate.

This is already creating positive noise and raising interest before the site begins to organically gain momentum.

We want you to get involved too! Simply share a picture of you on your latest adventure to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #TheAdventurers then head to the new website to see it,

Be brave. Be inquisitive. Be prepared for the journey. The Adventurers are here.

See the website case study here