August - social media round up

01 September 2017

Industry Insights

Welcome to our August round up. It’s that time again where we look back on all the online happenings of the last month.

Mashable recently reported that there are officially over 3 billion social media users in the world; so we’re dedicating this article to all things social.

Birthday celebrations

August saw Twitter Hashtags turn 10 and Instagram Stories celebrated its very first birthday – where is time going?!

The iconic hashtag that started on Twitter celebrated a big birthday last month, turning 10 years old. Today, the hashtag is used 125 million times a day and almost all other social media networks are using hashtags on their platforms to group content together. The hashtag has come a long way since social media transformed its not so obvious use on the keyboard.

And, it’s not just Twitter that celebrated an important birthday. Instagram Stories celebrated its first birthday. Instagram Stories quickly stopped Snapchat in its tracks with its launch, and after just one year, half of businesses now use Stories in their social media strategy and the average daily usage for millenials has increased to 32 minutes per day.

The success of Instagram Stories is mostly down to its ability to create raw content that doesn’t need to be as polished as the content you’d see on an Instagram profile, allowing users to share more of their everyday lives with followers. To celebrate, Instagram unveiled numerous birthday style stickers so everyone could join in the fun. Back in June we explored how Instagram Stories has overtaken Snapchat’s whole user base, growing by 50 million daily users. Catch it here.

YouTube breaking news feature

YouTube has introduced a ‘breaking news’ feature in an attempt to make it easier to find important content. YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that 1.5 billion people watch at least an hour of video through YouTube a day.

In a place where it’s so easy to get lost this new feature could make searching for content much easier. It’s still early days but Google appear to be making YouTube into more of a real time platform, putting it into competition with Twitter.

Apple joins Instagram

Better late than never right? At the beginning of August Apple finally launched its official Instagram account with 9 posts appearing on its feed. Using content from iPhone users across the world, Apple appeared to be re-launching its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign from 2015, encouraging people to start using the #ShotoniPhone’ hashtag. We’re eager to see what their next move will be as their other social networks remain empty.

Aldi and Lidl Twitter war

Last but certainly not least; did you catch that Aldi and Lidl Twitter war? It started with a simple question a Twitter user innocently posted, “Which is better, Aldi or Lidl?” Aldi were first to respond suggesting they were the better supermarket and the rest is history! Check out the amusing exchanges with some surprise appearances from Marks and Spencer and Waitrose here. Some people weren’t very impressed but we think it’s a great reminder not to take social media too seriously and have a laugh along the way!

On that note, we’ll leave you with our case study for one of our latest social media campaigns, Fit For Duty.