Catch up with the latest social media updates

11 December 2018

Industry Insights

1) Instagram safety campaign

Instagram have released a campaign in partnership with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to highlight the tools Instagram offers to help keep users safe on the platform.

This safety campaign, which is aimed at parents, has been created to highlight common parental fears about the Internet, and position Instagram’s safety tools as the way to keep teens safe. Check out the creative here

Back in October, Instagram started hinting on what they are doing to help keep users safe and to clamp down on bullying. New Managing Director, Adam Mosseri, announced on Twitter that they are using an AI tool to recognise harsh posts, comments and messages to help reduce cyber bullying. The algorithm can also identify offensive photos and filter out comments that violate the platform’s Community Guidelines.

2) YouTube reveal highest earner 7-year-old Ryan’s Toy Reviews

Ok, so, this 7-year-old makes more money than most of us will ever make in our lifetimes…

Forbes recently revealed the highest earning YouTube star in the world is 7-year-old primary school child Ryan, who reviews kids toys in a funny and playful way.

Ryan’s Toy Reviews boasts a huge 17 million followers and 26 billion views across his channel, the majority of who are children of a similar age to him. The toy review channel was created back in 2015 when Ryan asked his parents if he could review toys, and after a video went viral with over 9 millions views, and the rest is history really! According to Forbes magazine (2018), most of the money made was through adverts that run before the videos starts, generating 96% of revenue. The remaining money is made from sponsored posts.

3) Poundland’s Elf and Elvie

Everyone’s favourite Elf is back…or should we say least favourite elf? Yes, Poundland’s naughty elf has come back with a bang since being banned last Christmas for being inappropriate. This year he’s got a sidekick…Elvie.

Last year Poundland hit headlines after their ‘Naughty Elf’ campaign was deemed “irresponsible” by the ASA.

The campaign, based on humour and engagement and despite the negatives, 82% of Poundland’s Twitter followers voted in favour of the campaign.

At the time, Poundland’s marketing director Mark Pym said, “We’re proud of a campaign that’s only cost £25.53 and is being touted as the winning marketing campaign this Christmas!”

Love them or hate them we think it’s copywriting genius, not to mention the increase in social media engagement the campaign will generate.

4) Now you can keep Instagram Stories among friends

Instagram has started to introduce new features to help make the platform more private. It’s recently introduced the launch of Story sharing with ‘close friends’ which allows you to share your content with a group of contacts who you can select. Instagram will suggest friends to you based on the people you interact with most, or you can search for them.

5) LinkedIn adds location-sharing options

Another update for LinkedIn. They have announced a new addition to their messaging functionality, enabling users to share their location for a meet up.

“We know how valuable it is to build relationships with your professional community offline. From catching up with former colleagues over coffee, setting up business meetings, to scheduling an interview – being able to coordinate a place to meet is key to connecting offline. To help make this easier, we’ve now added the ability to send your current one-time location, or search and send a meeting spot to your 1st degree connections directly in LinkedIn Messaging”

This update comes after a string of new additions to the platform this year, including updates to Groups and voice messaging.