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05 April 2017

Industry Insights

Definitions exist to explain what something is, and what something isn’t. They are a boundary between the most neutral and unbiased process to identify, describe or categorise something, and absolutely everything else. So, does content marketing have a precise definition, or is it another umbrella buzzword that describes multiple terms?

At Outpost, we prefer better understanding over buzz. In our words, content marketing is the strategy behind the creation and distribution of interesting, engaging and valuable content. Content that attracts, acquires and engages an understood target audience to ultimately drive consumer action. Content that informs about your brand through storytelling, and builds trust and affinity between company and consumer. Because the success of your content marketing will ultimately come down to how good your stories are, stories that can transcend channel and grow over time.

Cutting through the noise

Content marketing has become an extremely powerful tool for businesses big and small to get their message out to large audiences; audiences who are becoming more disillusioned with and less receptive to traditional display advertising. According to The Guardian, consumers are likely to see 3,500 marketing messages every day, so how do you cut through so much noise? Only ten years ago the foundations of content marketing were made up of black hat, spammy SEO tactics. Content was being written for algorithms and not for people, with articles stuffed full of keywords to appease Google. Thankfully, content marketing has moved on a lot since then.

In order to stand out you have to be distinctive and recognisable, and the voice and tone of the stories you tell need to be just as strong as the stories themselves. But while content is still king, it is worth nothing if nobody sees it. That’s why data and distribution are just as vital as the content itself, as well as the context of the content. For example, if content marketing is the message, native advertising would be one of many contextual envelopes that message is delivered in.

Discover Outpost

At Outpost, our content marketing philosophy in centred around establishing a value exchange between brands and consumers, working with your audience to understand what stories they want to hear from you. By creating content that informs, educates and entertains, we help our clients create meaningful and measurable interactions, and ensure new and evolving mediums such as influencer marketing are part of their core content strategy. See how brands like Jaguar, Private White V.C. and Ballyclare used our content to create high levels of engagement on their social channels.

Jaguar x Private White V.C. case study Ballyclare Everyday Hero case study

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