Field Notes - Dan Williams

21 April 2017

Behind the scenes

Did you always aspire to work in the creative industry?

I come from a family of creatives so it was hard not to fall into the industry from an early age. I started from the bottom, working my way up from a graphic designer and tea maker at an agency in Stockport to then going client side for 8 years before coming here to Outpost. I have always been a very visual person so I guess it was inevitable that I would work in a creative role.

What inspires you?

I take inspiration from many things that I naturally take interest in. Inspiration can come from anywhere… the ocean, art, a skateboard graphic, photography or from travelling. I like clean lines and to not over think something… less is always more. I have been lucky enough to work alongside some amazing people over the years including Nick Ashley. He really takes the no messing approach to design and always taught me to not over complicate. I’m always observing and I keep my eyes open to see what captures my attention.

You’ve previously worked in-house at Private White V.C. and Henri Lloyd. How does working at an agency compare?

There are a lot of similarities between both! There are always deadlines to hit, ideas to come up with, beautiful work to create and fun to be had. I work with similar brands now so I’m always working ahead of myself, creating campaigns for 2018 even though it’s 2017… I kind of love that though! Knowing what something is going to look like long before everyone else does is quiet exciting! It’s like having a secret that you are dying to share but can’t just yet!

Describe the dynamic at Outpost and what are your favourite things about working there?

We are a very tight knit team and very open. It’s more like working with family than it is with “colleagues”. There is no real hierarchy here so everyone is free to share their ideas and thoughts and we all get stuck in. The mood in the office is always light and relaxed and when we are not working on a pitch for a client you can find us surfing in Wales, running up mountains or cooking each other dinner!

What do you do in your spare time?

I love photography! I spend much of my spare time either out on the water taking pictures of the land or out on land taking pictures of the water. I love the idea of capturing a moment in time that can never be brought back… only through a picture. I also love music, songwriting and DJing. The team tend to put me forward for open mic nights on a monthly basis so that’s always a fun night out and you can find me DJing in Abersoch during the summer months.

If you didn’t work as a Creative Director at Outpost, what would you be doing?

I would probably be working in fashion or photography.

Describe Outpost in three words

Dynamic, energetic & fun