Game of Thrones and Social Media

18 July 2017

Industry Insights

Following the highly anticipated Season 7 premier of Game of Thrones we found ourselves asking how did they get social media so right? With a global audience of over 10 million viewers and a combined social media following of 30+million fans we had a look into how HBO used social media to promote the latest season of the show.

Before Season 7 landed on our screens the teasers began with HBO rolling out a winter takeover across Twitter, Reddit and Google after releasing the trailer, #WinterIsHere.

Twitter saw a Night King hashflag that was used to unlock Season 7 character posters that were sent to users as replies when tweeting @GameofThrones and #WinterIsHere. A hashflag is the emoji that appears at the end of a hashtag in an attempt to make content more visually engaging and is another way the show is dominating the social media market and we can confirm they are not cheap, costing around 7 figures! Hashflags are often used during important events or campaigns and a new one was introduced for the #GoTS7 premiere last night.

Google got involved by updating the search engine to show the new trailer, and winter themed gifs and content would appear in search results. The Google knowledge box also got a snowy makeover.

Reddit holds over 1 million subscribers to GoT-related subreddits so the site’s mascot known as Snoo was understandably given a makeover into Jon Snoo!

A week before the new season launched it released a hidden Snapchat lens to generate buzz. Only super fans would be able to access the filter as it was sent through the GoT newsletter. Available for only 1 hour who wouldn’t want to transform themselves into a White Walker!?

The premiere certainly didn’t disappoint with over 2.4 million tweets making it the most-tweeted episode of all time and resulting in Ed Sheeran deleting his account (sob). We think it’s safe to say Winter is here.

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