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12 September 2017

Industry Insights

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels in the world with 700 million active monthly users. People all over the world use Instagram to visually share their lives and interests with each other. If you want to step up your Instagram game, here are some simple tips from our in-house photographer and Instagram guru, Dan.


Lighting is key. There’s nothing quite as good as natural light and from experience no amount of editing will save a poorly lit photo. Instead of using flash think about the time of day and make sure you’re ready, camera in hand, to capture that light. Early morning or late afternoon are prime times to shoot.

Detail is everything

Whether it’s colour or a clear point of interest, make sure your picture stands out. A good photo should have a clear point of interest, whether it’s a boat out in the sea or a friend sat on the beach, make sure you draw the viewer’s eye to the point of interest. The image should tell a story about the object or the person. Strong colours and defined shapes can also add to the power of an image.


You’re more likely to grab your audience’s attention with an image from an unusual viewpoint. Don’t be afraid to move around and try taking pictures from different viewpoints. Try getting high up using a stool or get down on the floor, resting on one knee. Play around and you’ll notice how much more interesting the picture becomes. A picture from an unusual angle is often more memorable.


No one gets it right the first time. Make sure you take multiple snaps of your subject so you have something to work with; you often find the third or fourth shot are better than the first when comparing them.

Be candid

While posed shots can be nice at the right time, the ‘caught in the moment’ shots are the more interesting ones, the ones capturing a sense of emotion. This goes back to the idea of taking lots of pictures and gathering different options. Take pictures when your friends aren’t looking so there are no stiff poses!

Top tip: Use burst mode on your iPhone to capture moments. Burst mode captures several photos at high speed, great for catching action shots


Edit and edit again! There a lots of different apps outside of Instagram available for editing. While filters can instantly help an image look more appealing other apps are valuable in enhancing your image. Use the VSCO app to brighten and correct colours and Snapseed to remove unwanted shadows.

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