How brands capitalised on Love Island

25 July 2017

Industry Insights

It’s been the talk of the office for 7 weeks and The Love Island final secured ITV2 2.9 million viewers last night so it’s no surprise brands have been quick to get in on the Love Island action.

If you missed it, Love Island is a game show that saw a bunch of singletons share a villa in Majorca in an attempt to find love for a cash prize of £50,000, and it’s proved to be ITV2’s most popular show among 16-24 year olds.

It’s been a huge success commercially, you only have to walk down the high street to see branded Love Island merchandise almost everywhere, retailers including Primark, New Look and Missguided have all jumped on the bandwagon with clothing supporting expressions such as ‘my type on paper’, ‘I used to be in the blazin squad’ and ‘muggy’ emblazoned across them. Primark’s collection of £6 t-shirts are now selling for more than double face value over on Ebay. Tesco is selling a ‘Muggy Mike’ mug and personalised water bottles and phone cases are also available in the market. In the words of contestant Olivia, we think that’s rather ‘interesting’.

Adtech firm Captify revealed that Superdrug, the main sponsor of the show, has seen a 900% increase in searches. Superdrug benefited from ad break marketing and product placement. We’re surprised Boots haven’t tried to jump in on the action through social media or merchandise to remain competitive.

For brands that are not official sponsors, social media has been a key avenue to join the conversation. Social media feeds have been inundated with posts about the show. Memes have gone into overdrive and fashion e-tailers such as In The Style and boohoo have all featured evicted Islanders on their accounts. Takeovers and live Q&A’s have been a hugely popular strategy for these brands to engage their audiences and not to mention low cost while the former contestants look to monetise their own accounts.

It has also proved popular among celebrities with the likes of Stormzy, Zoella and Phillip Schofield sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

Sysomos revealed that the show received a huge 7 million mentions on Twitter over the last 7 weeks and the hashtag #LoveIsland shows 140,543 posts on Instagram.

Now it’s all over we need some time to figure out how we’re going to cope without our 9pm fix 6 days a week…