How festivals are embracing social media

14 July 2017

Company updates

Well, what a weekend it was last week. The Outpost team ventured around the corner to Jodrell Bank for the Bluedot festival.

It was a great weekend filled with great music, lots of geeky science talks and of course laughs with friends.

It seems that year by year, from Glastonbury to Coachella festivals are the go-to summer activity for people of all ages. But are festivals really making the most of the social buzz around their events? It was only a couple of years ago that I went to Lovebox and had no signal to even post. So, what’s changed and how can festivals embrace the socialsphere further?

Take Glasto for example. The biggest festival in the UK, every time you look on Facebook there’s 10 friends talking about what they’re wearing, what acts they’re seeing and booze arrangements.

But are festivals making the most of the social media platforms available to them these days? With Instagram stories, Snapchat filters and live streaming social media has endless ways of keeping the festival experience alive across a range of different age groups.

Pre-promotion of a festival is so key these days and teasers of what the site is looking like really builds the excitement of a big event. Not to mention promoted tweets to inform people travelling to the festival of any news or updates on performances, traffic updates etc. Something Glastonbury did especially well this year.

With the likes of Pinterest being one of the key steps in people looking for festival fashion, beauty and make up trends, are retailers jumping on this as much as what they should be?

Back to Bluedot for a second, one thing that seems to resonate socially was the BlueMoon tent. A tent serving just beer but had a tree in the middle with lots of peoples wishes written on cardboards tags. Customers were encouraged to write a wish and hang it on the tree, snap a pic and then post it to social media using the #onceinabluemoon tag. They would then receive a printed picture. The team at Outpost loved this and spent ages in the tent looking at all the wishes….not to mention they were offering free wifi!