How marketing has changed (or not)?

28 April 2017

Industry Insights

Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

This was the definition used by the Chartered institute of Marketing over 30 years ago. Then there were no smart phones, no email, the Internet didn’t exist, social meant going down to the pub after work and content meant a play, book, TV episode, what’s in your fridge or favourite cereal box.

Have things changed that much?

Not really.

The way we communicate has been expanded; it’s easier to talk to customers through channels such social media to understand what their needs and wants are, it’s immediacy that has changed.

It’s also the granularity, bandwidth and volume that have changed. 30 years ago talking to a customer was either by Fax, telephone, though a hand written letter or face to face. It’s now more immediate, real time and often the interaction if it goes viral can be overwhelming.

If a customer has a problem they want immediate action and their problem resolving. Woe betide a brand if it ignores this. United Airlines on 9th April 2017 is an example of how this can occur.

To a brand managing this level of interaction can be difficult at the best of times.

Consumers in social can sometimes demonstrate tribal characteristics, understanding what this means to a brand, the sentiment and how to use it can be challenging.

How should social as a channel play a part in my marketing communications strategy?

Do consumers really want to engage with your brand and if so why?

And what do we mean by ‘engage’? It’s an often over used / abused word.

What does my target market want to hear from my brand? Do we really know and understand this?

And how and when do they want to hear it?

It’s all too easy to jump on the social marketing ‘band wagon’ unless you clearly have a rationale for doing it. Indeed you don’t ‘do’ social marketing it’s part of the marketing mix. Creating material for the social channel has to be relevant, of value and it takes time and effort to plan and implement this if you want to create a meaningful dialogue that supports your brand.

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