July round up

28 July 2017

Industry Insights

Welcome to our July round up. It’s that time where we look back on all the social and digital happenings of the last month.


Snapchat has had a tough year since the introduction of Instagram Stories so it’s vital they try new things to remain competitive. Instagram has double the Snapchat user base with 300 million daily users vs 150 million daily users.

Last month we wondered if Snapchat was trying to make a come back with the McDonalds ‘Snaplication’ campaign, and now we warmly welcome Snap Publisher, a way of creating bespoke ads in minutes using just a web browser. Brands of all sizes can now create, edit, launch and target their own ads quickly and efficiently without the high cost.

It’s pretty easy to use too, brands simply have to open Snap Publisher in a browser, click on the “Create a Snap” option, choose a template and upload their own content (video or image), then publish it to Snapchat’s Ad Manager.

Self-serve advertising will make it much easier for brands to handle their own campaigns start to finish.

In the past, Snapchat advertising hasn’t been very accessible to brands that don’t have big budgets, so could this be the next step for luring in new advertisers?

Facebook Gifs

2 billion people use Facebook every month and now the social media giant has been testing out gifs for its iOS users. When you open up the Facebook camera you’ll now see a new option to record a gif.

You might be thinking this isn’t anything new; gifs have been around for a long time. Indeed they have, however Facebook has only recently started supporting them. Facebook rejected using gifs in its platform at first as they thought they looked ‘messy’. 2015 saw gifs beginning to sit in people’s newsfeed and more recently you can leave a gif as a comment. The gifs created on Facebook currently can’t be shared on any other social network at the moment.


July has seen conversations around chatbots become increasingly popular with the main question being how should brands use bots to create meaningful interactions?

The issues we face with chatbots are that they are a machine and basically a software programme so the bot doesn’t convey any emotion, making it difficult for humans to relate to. While they have the potential to simplify the way we interact with brands it’s still too soon to identify how bots can create a personal, tailored experience for the consumer.

Can they help humans create content?

Yes if the data analytics of consumer buying is used to identify trends, preferences or patterns that because of the size of the data is difficult for a human being to see. It’s early days for chatbots but brands should be following their development very closely.

Love Island

Love Island is officially over (sob) and we’re feeling the heartache alongside 3 million dedicated viewers. This year ITV2 saw a huge 73% increase in viewers compared to the previous year and brands from Tesco to Missguided were quick to jump on the conversation commercially. Read all about how they capitalised on the show here.

SAScon conference

Our social media manager attended the SAScon conference in Manchester for a day of social media insights and learning, read all about her day here.