June - social media and digital round up

28 June 2017

Industry Insights

Welcome to our Outpost June round up, a collection of our favourite updates from across the social and digital industry over the last month with some impressive social media stats from the general election.

Instagram updates

It’s been another busy month for Instagram which has rolled out some important updates. With 250 million daily users of Instagram Stories it has overtaken Snapchat’s whole user base (161 million) – that’s a huge growth of 50 million daily users since April!

One of the recent updates gives you the ability to save live videos onto your camera roll after broadcast, allowing you to post it as a video on your Instagram or Facebook profile (depending on it’s length) giving the broadcast increased visibility and reach. But is this just another ‘seen it before’ update with both periscope and Facebook live offering playback options?

Is anyone else guilty of deleting images? Instagram has rolled out an Archive feature that allows you to hide old posts without deleting them. If you change your mind you can then send the photo back to your profile page straight from the archive to its original location without anyone noticing.

That’s not all! Instagram also released location stories meaning users can now search for stories in a certain location or hashtag that include the location or hashtag stickers. This could result in increased reach and build brand awareness.

Social Media and the general election

The general election saw social media play a really important part in influencing young people to vote. With the help of sponsored Twitter and Facebook campaigns from the Labour Party more than one million people under the age of 25 registered to vote.

Labour played a pivotal role in the election through sponsored campaigns that resonated with generation Z encouraging them to vote. Their love for humorous content created a sense of emotion among fans. Campaign Live reported that Labour gained 1.3m fans/followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, vs. just 848k for the Conservatives over the campaign period, demonstrating the power social media has to influence its audience through strategic and well-targeted campaigns.

One Love Concert

After the tragic events at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on the 22nd May 2017, the pop star organised a benefit concert to raise money for the families affected by the terror attack. The concert raised over £3million for The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund charity.

One truly powerful moment from the concert was captured of a policeman dancing with concert goers that soon went viral across social media showing the power of unity.

It was the most watched TV show of 2017 so far with performances from some of the biggest names in music.

Ariana did a great job of showing maturity and loyalty to her fans for organising the concert just two weeks after the attack and has since been awarded with honorary citizenship of Manchester by the council.

According to Sysomos there were 5.8 million uses of the hashtag #OneLoveManchester on twitter from the day of the concert with numerous celebrities and radio stations also tweeting their support.

Is Snapchat making a comeback?

McDonalds recently teamed up with Snapchat to hire workers in the US for the Summer period, reaching out to 16-24 year olds – the app’s target audience.

They launched the ‘Snaplication’ filter which shows you wearing the McDonalds uniform and allows you to record a 10 second video as part of the application. It’s a great way to reach out to millenials and showing personality but what next? Sources say you still have to fill out an application form and go for a face-to-face interview making us wonder if the end is in sight for brands using the app.

Sysomos Conference

Earlier in the month we attended the Sysomos Summit conference for a day of social media insights and discovery, read all about our key takeaways from UGC to Artificial Intelligence here