Key takeaways - Sysomos Summit London

15 June 2017

Industry Insights

One of the most anticipated social media conferences of the year took place in London earlier this week bringing together top industry experts from some of the biggest companies from across the globe to share their invaluable knowledge and experience. With the hashtag #SysomosSummit trending in London it certainly was a hot topic among the social media industry.

Peter Heffring, CEO of Sysomos kicked off the day with the some mind-blowing statistics to get us thinking.

Millennials are spending 500 minutes per day on their mobile phones, and with the human attention span now only 8 seconds, demand for consumers’ time and attention is higher than ever. Brands need to cut through the noise of 8 billion social media updates everyday.

So how can we take action as marketer’s? Here are some of the key things we learnt:

Turning data into insights

Data is a fundamental part of developing a social media strategy to ensure you get the most out of your activity and driving ROI.

It’s no longer just about fan growth. Insights like cost per engagement, reach and brand sentiment are essential in creating the most effective marketing strategies. Campaigns and brand values need to resonate with the consumer, making social listening crucial in providing insight on audience intentions. These insights can help brands to put real human behaviour at the heart of the marketer’s decision making.

Artificial Intelligence could give brands a bad name

So who remembers Microsoft clippy? According to Mark Sherwin, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive, chatbots could have a negative impact on brands if not merged with human interaction. A study carried out by The Drum revealed 60% of marketers believe jobs will be lost due to AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the future.

So what does that mean for creatives?

63% of people surveyed by The Drum believe creativity can’t be powered by AI. An interesting stat we took back to the Outpost team for further debate. We believe AI will push people to think outside the box and break boundaries to create meaningful content and messaging that will gain trust. Bots need to work with humans and not in silos – you don’t want to turn the humans away.

Right content, right audience

Good quality content is the key in capturing the attention of your audience. Finding the point of resonance will generate emotion among social audiences.

Using influencers in the forms of gifting or collaborating is another way of producing content and data and insights can be used to help develop this strategy. Working with influencers whose tone of voice is the same as your brand/ campaign message and not just the audience size is key.

As for new content opportunities, live video, augmented reality and VR were widely discussed.

The power of UGC

According to Cecilia Dominici, Head of Social for Cancer Research UK, user generated content generate 6.9x more engagement than branded content on Facebook – wow!

Their approach to organic engagement strategy was revealed in their current #CancerRightNow campaign where emotive UGC content is used across social media, reinforcing the right content, right audience message explored earlier in the day.

The power of emotion and human interaction can be seen in an incredibly powerful user generated video shared on Cancer Research’s Facebook page, which received 262K views and 9K interactions. See the video on their Facebook page here.

The conference was a great day of insights and takeaways. We’re excited to see what the future of social and digital marketing will bring!