SAScon social media conference

27 July 2017

Industry Insights

Last Thursday we headed to SAScon (Search analytics and social conference). An epic day filled with all the SEO and social knowledge you can possibly imagine.

The day started with Jon Burkhart talking about curiosity in an attempt to keep people’s attention spans with creative reactive marketing. Highlighting the fact that passion and care are the key attributes of people working in the creative industry and that having fun and taking risk is key in content marketing.

Interestingly, Jon went on to talk about how emoji is the most wildy used language around the globe and that emojis are very often interpreted completely differently in different cultures.

A few interesting words to sum up his talk

People are self obsessed….appeal to it

Tinker, mix and match like a DJ

Repurpose content wildly

Put fun first

The next notable chat, hosted by Sam Noble was all about how brands should be investing in keeping their current customers loyal, not just spending their money on acquiring new customers. Seems obvious, right? So why are brands not allocating a loyalty budget? Did you know the cost of acquiring a new customer is 7x more than keeping a customer who has shopped with you before? The beauty of paid ad platforms is that you can run tailored campaigns to reach the people who have shopped with you before using custom audiences. If a customer has actively given you their email address you can now match that data to that hosted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn?

Some interesting stats….

65% of customers are likely to purchase if they receive a reward

80% of shoppers would switch a store if a competitor was offering a discount

88% of people would trust an online review over personal recommendation – reviews are important!

Moving on to a talk by Mediacoms Renee Mellor. This was probably the most interesting chat of the day as it deep dived into some of the newest platforms emerging into the market. It went on to talk all about the use of Alexa, Google Home which will apparently be in 70M houses by 2019.

Renee covered how convenience is key and how one of their clients (Shell) was looking at how to pay for petrol with Paypal (Awesome) and the use of Facebook Spaces and VR.

To finish the day we heard from Missguided’s Dane Stanley. Talking about the Baddie Winkle Christmas campaign, he went into detail about how Snapchat and Twitter became key channels as part of the campaign and how this campaign outperformed the Nicole Scherzinger campaign and reached over 103M people increasing brand awareness by 37%…. Incredible results. With the use of personalised videos, targeted at 20 female names (this covered over 800k people within their database) Baddie Winkle provided a personal message in true Missguided tone of voice encouraging sharing and engagement.

An awesome day filled with interesting speakers. Thanks, SAScon!