Social media and millennials

09 August 2017

Industry Insights

Millennials are the new young generation. They’re the individuals aged 18-34, the individuals who have grown up on tablets, smartphones, and apps. They are the people transforming the world of social and digital every day - making them a pretty big deal to marketers!

So, before the summer holidays, we offered work experience to Adam, a 17-year-old student from Congleton high school and of course, we took the opportunity to quiz him on all things millennial.

What social media channels do you use the most?

I use Snapchat all the time. It’s the quickest and easiest way of talking to my friends and it’s fun. I also use Instagram to share photos and follow and like some of my favourite celebrity accounts.

How important is video content to you?

I watch video content every day, if it’s not on snapchat through the snapchat news feature, it is mostly on YouTube, where I’ll watch sporting content, from interviews to press conferences or Instagram live.

I get bored easily! I’m always looking for new content, new apps I can get involved with and tell my friends about, I love the Snapchat and Instagram stories filters at the moment, I’m always sharing them with people.

Do you use Facebook Messenger?

Not really, I prefer messaging on Snapchat as it’s a quick way of messaging my friends, and also keeping up with the latest news.

I feel like Facebook messenger is for an older audience now, my parents/teachers are on it so I tend to avoid it!

How do you communicate with friends?

I find the best way of communicating with friends is through Snapchat or WhatsApp. For me it’s the most efficient and it’s more chatty and laid back. You can create groups on both platforms so you can communicate with all your mates at the same time.

Are there any social channels you don’t use?

I’m not an active user of Facebook and I only use Twitter occasionally. I used to be a keen user of both platforms but Snapchat and Instagram have really raised the bar for sharable and relatable content.

I tend to use Twitter during TV shows to see what everyone is talking about, especially when Love Island was on. It’s always fun to get involved in current conversations and see all the different opinions and memes flying around.

What sectors do millenials want to work in?

Personally I wanted to do my work experience with Outpost so I could get a better understanding of marketing and social media. I’m really interested in advertising and digital marketing, which is hopefully what I want to do in the future – a lot of my friends are interested in this too. We’re quite a creative bunch; I have friends who are into photography too.

Speaking on behalf of millennials, we want to work where there is a good work life balance, somewhere with a relaxed and creative vibe. We’re not very corporate…a cool workspace is also desirable!

Do you follow brands on social media?

I follow some fashion brands on Instagram and celebrities and bloggers. I don’t like feeling like a brand is trying to sell me things, if a brand is posting too much sales content I would probably unfollow or I wouldn’t like the post, I prefer inspiring or funny content, something I can tag my friends in.

With an average attention span of 8 seconds brands are finding it harder than ever to engage millennials. To truly catch a millennials attention you’ve got to appeal to their beliefs and values. Millennials support reality and authenticity.

In a recent survey by adweek, 41% of millennials still use Facebook every day, however, Facebook was found to be more popular with non-millennials. Every other measured social media platform (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn) was found to be more popular with millennials than non-millennials.