Social Media Marketing

10 May 2017

Industry Insights

Over the last decade, social media has become an integral part of marketing. Whether people understand it or not, the focus over the last few years has been on how social media can help a business reach their overall marketing KPIs. It’s now one of the most effective ways of generating brand awareness and is slowly replacing other, more old fashioned ways of advertising.

The reactiveness of social media allows brands to jump on current trends in the news and become a part of everyday conversations in a relatable way, making brands more attractive to individuals, therefore building brand loyalty. It’s all about building a relationship with the right people.

We’re firm believers in using social media as a key marketing channel for a lot of our clients. We tailor strategies to each individual client depending on their needs and their KPIs. Channels and approach completely differ depending on client.

Standing out from the crowd and exploring new formats

In this day and age, most brands are on at least one social platform so making your voice heard is a challenge. Brands are constantly in need of trying new things and taking a risk whilst, informing, educating and entertaining an audience. What’s the point in posting content for the sake of it when you don’t really have anything to say? Why not try something really different that makes you stand out?

One of our social media clients, Ballyclare are a workwear brand, something you wouldn’t normally see on social media as it’s a very b2b market. However, with clever use of organic content and a different approach to each channel we have increased their reach across social media by 1000% and engagement by 66% in less than a year. They now stand out in the market and are seen to be leaders in the market.

Measurement of success

Here at Outpost we work as part of our client’s marketing team to better understand their needs and how we can help drive their KPIs . We work hard to test new things, new messaging, new formats to see what engages with their audience to give the client a better understanding of how customers want to engage with them. Social media is so easily measurable and reactive that content that isn’t performing can be adjusted or in paid social cases, switched off completely allowing more efficient spending.

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