The Rise of Video Marketing

21 July 2017

Industry Insights

Cisco predicted that by 2017 video content will account for 69% of consumer Internet traffic and by 2019 video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic. Forget the days of long text heavy articles and un-engaging content that consumers find hard to process, video has found a home in the marketing mix and it’s proving to be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Video content can massively increase the reach your content receives. YouTube gains more than one billion unique visitors every month and Facebook’s algorithm update means the platform favours video.

Not only does it increase reach, video marketing can help boost your website SEO, gives you the chance to go viral and it performs well on all devices. It’s also much easier to create a sense of emotion through video over words. People welcome visual content over text as it stimulates multiple senses.

Short form video is between one and 10 minutes long. Social media networks have encouraged short form video and it has become increasingly popular among millenials. Mark Melling, Director of Video Europe, reported that short form video is now the primary source of news for the under 24s. This stresses how important this form of content has become and how accessible it is meaning brands need to be more selective with content strategies.

Ballyclare #FitForDuty Video Campaign

Recent statistics show the demand for video content is growing quickly with 43% of people wanting to see more video from brands, something we jumped on for our client Ballyclare and approached them about a video marketing campaign to raise brand awareness around their new Xenon fire garments. We approached CrossFit Games World Champion and ex firefighter Sam Briggs to put the fire kit under a strenuous CrossFit workout to test its unique properties. Check out the video and stay tuned for the campaign results.

Businesses big or small can jump on video marketing with production costs negotiable and social media now offering numerous different ways to create raw content through Facebook live, Instagram stories and Periscope.

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