Winter Campaign

24 January 2017

Behind the scenes

Just before Christmas 2017, we set off on a journey to take our own brand further – producing a new campaign film to use as our Christmas message to clients and prospective clients and a piece of self-promotion.

Titled ‘Born to Explore’, the film travels from the bright lights and busy streets of Manchester city centre to a tiny fisherman’s hut hidden high on a North Wales clifftop amongst the stunning scenery and tranquillity of the North Wales coastline.

The whole idea was to bring the promise of Outpost to life. Our relentless exploring nature. The way we go the extra mile to take brands further. All this was a subtext to the story of our character escaping the claustrophobic confines of the city and finding calm and contentment at the Outpost.

Filmed and expertly edited by a good friend of Outpost, Simon Pantling of Pantling Studios, everything was shot in 24 hours – capturing everything from sunrise to sunset.

Take an exclusive look at some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot, then watch the film and see the whole journey unfold.